Afternoon Affair

by Steven

GRACE: Hi, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your new cocktail creation?

STEVEN: My name is Steven and I have been a bartender at GRACE Bar for 3 years. My new cocktail is the Afternoon Affair and it includes an infusion of gin and oolong tea, ODE – a citrus wine aperitif, amarena cherry juice, lemon, and egg white.

GRACE: What inspired you?

STEVEN: I didn’t have a direct inspiration, I like to try things out and with the help of my team who were willing to taste-test, the Afternoon Affair was created.

GRACE: How does the cocktail taste?

STEVEN: Sweet yet slightly tart, definitely a new taste experience in terms of flavor.

GRACE: What other Cocktail do you fancy?

STEVEN: I myself enjoy drinking a Negroni or Manhattan. I love strong, bitter drinks that also have a bit of sweetness to them.


  • Oolong Gin – an infusion of gin and oolong tea
  • Ode – a citrus aperitif
  • Amarena cherry juice – for sweetening the drink
  • Lemon juice – for acidity
  • Egg white – provides creaminess
The GRACE Bar is known for its exquisite cocktails and unique atmosphere. The bar team has recently introduced a new selection of signature cocktails that were created by the staff themselves. These cocktails are a tribute to the creativity and skill of the team, who are known for providing guests with unforgettable experiences. The new cocktails are an exciting mix of flavors and ingredients that were personally selected by the staff. Each cocktail has its own story