Joeys Base

GRACE: Hi, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your new cocktail creation?

JOEY: Hey, I’m Joey and since December 2023, I’ve been at the Grace Bar. The cocktail I’ve designed is called Joey’s Base and it’s a distant twist on the well-known tiki cocktail, Mai Tai.

GRACE: What inspired you?

JOEY: Actually Scotty, he is our bar manager. We were thinking about what type of cocktail was missing from the new menu, so we decided on a tiki. The name is a small homage to health and pleasure – Dates have an alkalizing effect on the body.

GRACE: How does the cocktail taste?

JOEY:  It starts with rum, balanced with a bouquet of violets, complex sweetness from almond and date with the freshness of green melon.

GRACE: What other Cocktail do you fancy?

JOEY: That’s a difficult question, as our cocktails are so different. I would order something different depending on my mood. What always works for me is a Caxaca Old Fashioned – mezcal and tequila in one drink. Have an awesome night!


  • Overproof Rum
  • Orgeat Sirup
  • Dates infused Bardi 8
  • Crem de Violette
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Gala Melon
  • Flamed cinnamon stick

Muddle, shake and fine strain – this means the melon is mashed in the shaker, then all ingredients and ice are added and shaken. Serve in a Tiki Agave mug with cubed and crushed ice, garnished with a Chico leaf and a smoldering cinnamon stick and horned violet.

The GRACE Bar is known for its exquisite cocktails and unique atmosphere. The bar team has recently introduced a new selection of signature cocktails that were created by the staff themselves. These cocktails are a tribute to the creativity and skill of the team, who are known for providing guests with unforgettable experiences.

The new cocktails are an exciting mix of flavors and ingredients that were personally selected by the staff. Each cocktail has its own story