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Top 5  Rosé Wines for Summer 2023

Hooray, summer is finally here! It’s time for sun baths, laid-back barbecue evenings, and embracing nature. And what better way to complement those sunny days than with a delicious, chilled glass of rosé wine? Rosé is the epitome of summer – refreshing, fruity, and light. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the TOP 5 rosé wines that our Sommelier Ben handpicked. Cheers!


50 Shades of Pink* or…

What Rosé wines are made from!

MY.GRACE: Hey Ben, enlighten us. Where does the rosé get its signature color from?

SOMMELIER BEN: It’s simple. Rosé wines get their pinkish color from the red (black) grape skins. However, during the process of making rosé wine the skins are in shorter contact with the juice compared to a classic red wine. As a result you get a wonderful array of pink color tones.

MY.GRACE: How come the range of pink colors seems nearly unlimited*?

SOMMELIER BEN: There are several factors that contribute to the wide range of colors. Generally speaking there are three main methods to produce rosé wines. Maceration, Saignée and Blending. Therefore the grape variety, winemaking techniques as well as the region determine the shade of pink!

MY.GRACE: Thank you Ben! Now over to your Top 5 Rosé wines this summer in Berlin.

SOMMELIER BEN: My pleasure! Let’s have a look at what exporting the bold flavors of the USA, France, Italy, Germany and Austria brings to the glass this rooftop season.


TOP 5 Rosé Wines


1. 2021 Rosé Paso Robles – Daou Wineyards (USA)

For me, one of the most interesting rosés available on the international market. It is grown traditionally like in Southern France on limestone soils with the Greenwich grape, giving it a beautiful fruitiness and light acidity. Easy to drink with a hint of bitterness in the finish. An exceptional wine for summer and a perfect companion to meals (at GRACE Pop-Up).

2. 2022 Chiaretto Riviera Del Garda – Bulgarini (Italy)

One of the most interesting rosés from Northern Italy, with the typical characteristics of the north. It has a strong high note with some residual sweetness, not very dry, making it an absolute favorite for women. Unlike the Provence style, it offers a fruit experience typical of Northern Italy, near Lake Garda.

3. 2022 La Vie en Rose – Château Roubine (France)

My favorite newcomer of the Provence. Take a sip and picture youreself amongst lavender fields in France. A grape with a rich range of facets, harvested at night, cool-fermented. Scents of delicate herbs and flowers distinguish this wine. On the palate, it is light, rounded, and velvety, with a long-lasting intensity. The aroma is fresh with subtle fruit flavors.

4. 2022 Geil Rosé – Weingut Geil (Germany)

Simply awesome, literally. In recent years, always one of the top rosé producers in Germany. They are developing into a top producer and deserve their spot on the GRACE wine list. Fruity and aromatic, a top-quality rosé from the Rheinhessen region.

5. 2022 Sushi Rosé – Pia Strehn (Austria)

When a passion for Tokyo meets Blaufränkisch you might see an elephant in the sushi bar. In this wine, there are four days of Tokyo impressions. And just as multifaceted, complex, and refined is this wine, which perfectly complements spicy and colorful Asian cuisine. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc Rosé fermented in concrete tanks and wooden barrels, resulting in ripe fruit and an incredibly creamy texture. It offers a spicy acidity and 28 grams of residual sugar.

That’s it for today GRACERs. Find me at GRACE Restaurant to try them all! 

GRACE Sommerlier choice of summer rosé wine, top 5
GRACE Garden & Rooftop
GRACE Sommerlier choice of summer rosé wine, top 5
GRACE Sommerlier choice of summer rosé wine, top 5