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We had the pleasure of attending a masterclass with our sommelier Ben, where we tasted a selection of wines from Schlossgut Ebringen. The winery, located just outside the city of Freiburg in southern Germany, has a long tradition of producing high-quality wines and is considered by many to be one of the best wineries in Germany.

Ben, our experienced sommelier and wine expert, led us through a tasting of wines, starting with the lighter white wines and moving on to the bold red wines. He explained the various aromas and flavors of each wine and gave us insights into the history and production of Schlossgut Ebringen.



MY.GRACE: Hello Ben, what led you to choose this winery?

BEN: Hello! Schlossgut Ebringen is a winery from Baden, a region in Germany that is particularly close to my heart, as it is the warmest region in the country and is known for its excellent varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Grauburgunder. The winery is run by a dedicated winemaker who carries out his calling with great passion.

MY.GRACE: That sounds great! What wine from this winery is your personal favorite?

BEN: My favorite wine is undoubtedly the Pinot Noir named “Ebringer Leinele”. As a big fan of Pinot Noir, this wine impressed me in particular. The 2017 vintage from Ebringen impresses with its elegance and finesse, which a Pinot Noir must absolutely have, as well as its longevity, which a red wine needs.

MY.GRACE: That sounds promising! What dish would you recommend this wine with?

BEN: I always recommend the Pinot Noir with lamb, especially with lamb chops. The meat should not be overpowered by a strong sauce, but lightly sautéed and seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper. This preserves the taste of the meat, and the Pinot Noir harmonizes perfectly with the taste of the lamb meat.

MY.GRACE: Thank you for the recommendation, summer is coming up. Is there a light wine you can recommend?

BEN: I was particularly surprised by the Crémant, a Pinot Noir Rosé, which I absolutely want to include in my list of recommendations for the summer. It has a slightly buttery yeast note that I really like. This strongly reminds me of champagne and is an excellent alternative to rosé champagne.



Mature fruit, stimulating tannins, fabulous complexity with a finely structured body.

Food pairing recommendation: Peruvian lamb filet, Mangalitsa pork steak, filet mignon, venison with celery gratin.


Clear cherry fruit, juicy and elegant, possesses substance and promises long aging potential.

Food pairing recommendation: Peruvian lamb filet, coq au vin, roast beef, stuffed guinea fowl breast, grilled sea bream.


Complex Chardonnay from the barrel with a lot of playfulness and just as much potential for development.

Food pairing recommendation: Burgundy-style chicken, veal fillet with sage and Serrano ham, celery cream soup with croutons.

EBRINGER KLÄMLE – Sauvignon Blanc

Cooler vineyards provide the Sauvignon Blanc with rich fruit aromas, protect the acidity, and due to the cool climate, it contains slightly less alcohol.

Food pairing recommendation: Mussels, crayfish, roast beef.



Ben Weidenberg is the sommelier of Grace Restaurant Berlin. Ben is known for his ability to find the perfect wine pairing for any dish. He has a deep understanding of the different taste profiles of wines and Champagne and knows how they best match with various dishes. His recommendations have helped make GRACE one of the best Wine restaurants and Champagne bars in Berlin.